The pillars that support Emerald Photography


When someone is empowered, this ripples through every decision they make, and gives them the tools and strength to show up authentically and unapologetically in life. Empowerment comes from building self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and learning to love and accept ourselves as we are.

A woman with long blonde hair wears a bodysuit and tights and poses on a red sofa.
A woman in underwear poses by a window.

Improving Body Image Mindset for All

On a quest to dismantle patriarchal beauty standards, normalise ALL bodies and show beauty in diversity via the female gaze. Guiding people to see they are perfect exactly as they are.

Feminism & Equality

Elevating women and non-binary people to help them find power in their identity, sexuality and self-expression. Writing our own terms of success and standards with a belief in equality for all.

A woman wearing lingerie poses on a sofa.
4 women pose together, they are smiling.


‘A rising tide lifts all boats’. Community is key and we need to cheer each other on. If we’re going to smash the patriarchy and lift everyone up, we need to do it together!


Here's to following our passions, creating magic, connecting with our community, expressing ourselves and lots of laughter!

A woman in a pink bodysuit kneels on the floor by a wicker chair.