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Welcome to Emerald Photography’s online home. I'm Debbie Murray, the woman behind the camera and your very own personal cheerleader!

I've been helping women just like you and I to feel confident in their bodies since September 2018. I decided to specialise in Boudoir when I saw how much of an impact these sessions were having on my clients in helping them build self esteem and find more acceptance towards their bodies. This is my dream job!

I’m based in Scotland, and before Emerald Photography came to life I worked in HR for many years.​ I’m an 80s baby and named after one of the coolest musicians ever - Blondie's Debbie Harry (this fact still remains to be the only cool thing about me). I definitely class myself as a typical hardworking Capricorn.


You'll see that I walk the talk myself (I'm not as serious in real life as I look in some of these photos, I promise!) and I regularly take self-portraits. I do this because it helps me try out poses that I ask my clients to do so I can get a measure of how potentially uncomfortable they’ll be (posing isn't nearly as easy as you think!); I practice what I preach and know that my body is worthy of being documented at any time (just like yours) - plus it's really fun!


Like most women, I’ve had my own body image struggles for most of my life. Growing up plus-size in the 90s left me feeling like I didn’t fit in as my body type wasn't represented in a positive light anywhere. When I started my Boudoir photography journey, it was never in question that I wouldn’t photograph all bodies. Whatever our size or shape we all deserve to be represented, to feel beautiful and to feel included - exactly as we are.


“Be the change you want to see in the world” - that's why I do what I do; to help you break free from the pressures of patriarchal beauty standards, embrace the body you're in just now and help you realise how magical you already are.


You are perfect, and your body is worthy of being documented right now.


Instead of me telling you about who I am - I'm going to let my previous clients tell you!

"The moment Debbie opened the door she gave me a hug. She immediately made me feel as if we had known each other for years and were friends. All my fears started melting away. At no point did she pressurise or rush me.
She is so talented, not just as a photographer but also at building other women up and giving them heaps of confidence and making the whole experience unforgettable and fun."

— Anya

"My relationship with my body had turned sour over the years and this shoot was everything I needed to see how beautiful I really am. Debbie was incredible from start to finish and I trusted her completely throughout. The finished photographs speak for themselves; I LOVE THEM!" - Amy

"It was a special experience; I love that I was able to take some of my own ideas, Debbie was so happy to incorporate them. I also love how the shoot is tailored to you specifically, not just a standard set of run of the mill shots. Leaves you wanting another shoot!" - Kris

"Booking a shoot with Emerald Photography was one of the best things I have done!  Debbie is so friendly and puts you at ease straight away, the whole shoot was so much fun and I left feeling so confident.  The pictures are all amazing - I couldn’t believe it was me!! Everyone needs to book a session with her!" - Courtney

"The shoot was so empowering, the direction and encouragement is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Emerald Photography!" - Emma

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Who is Boudoir Photography for?

YOU - yes, you! Emerald Photography creates a safe and welcoming space for all women who are over the age of 18 years old.

Lots of clients book their own session as a self-care experience (think of it as as a 'spa day for the soul'), to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, or they want to document their body at a certain moment in time.


A lot of the time it's for a special treat - something fun and amazing and different to look forward to.

And often the people who reach out are struggling with their confidence; or their identity has been buried underneath their daily responsibilities (as a parent, carer or partner); or they can't see themselves a certain way because of what their clothing labels or scales say; or sometimes they've been through trauma and are struggling to feel like themselves.

What can often help guide you back to you, is having someone help you to remember.

And I have to caveat this with a cheeky warning - it's addictive!  I'm privileged to have many returning clients.


Are you ready for your own experience?

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A History of Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography has a long history; from the 1920s when photographing nudity was still considered illegal, through the glamorous pin-up era from the 1940s to becoming an established genre and gaining popularity with the arrival of digital photography.

Boudoir has had a major glow-up over the past few years and has hugely grown in popularity into it's own amazing art form of stunning intimate portraiture.


From the 2010s, the industry saw a shift towards people investing in an experience to celebrate themselves and not as a gift for someone else - people booked a session to celebrate their birthday or a milestone, to document their changing body, to celebrate their sexuality or just because they wanted to treat themselves.


As we move further into the 2020s, the genre is evolving even more towards empowerment and self-acceptance, and I AM HERE FOR IT!


"Debbie's presence made my boudoir shoot exceptionally personal and meaningful. Her unwavering support created a safe space where I felt not just comfortable, but truly myself. I never had to question whether I was doing things right; Debbie's constant encouragement and affirmations made me feel incredibly beautiful. Her open and caring nature went beyond professionalism, fostering a connection that turned the shoot into a profoundly personal and liberating experience." - Leah

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What exactly is 'Boudoir Photography'?

Boudoir photography is also known as Empowerment photography, or intimate portraiture. At it's core, it's a professional photoshoot where you'll typically be wearing lingerie or will be nude, and the goal is to help you feel empowered through gained confidence.

But in reality, it's so much more.


It's the ultimate opportunity; to push yourself out your comfort zone; to be vulnerable in the presence of someone else; to allow yourself to be seen; to have time that's just for you; to invest in a unique experience just for you; to be pampered with professional hair and make-up styling; to have fun dressing up (and down!); to be cheered on for simply being you; to be guided and looked after with expertise and care from the moment you book; to challenge your mindset around your body image; to celebrate yourself exactly as you are.

It's the ultimate self-care experience and the after-effects will ripple through how you show up in life forevermore.

It's an experience you won't forget.


"I was genuinely a bit overwhelmed when I saw the images for the first time! I couldn’t believe that was me. Debbie makes you look like the best version of yourself - but not in a deceiving way! A confident, beautiful version of yourself who is comfortable in your own body." - Edwina

"I just loved doing something so different that was well out of my comfort zone whilst feeling supported and encouraged by Debbie. The whole day just has a very relaxed, fun vibe to it." - Ms. M

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