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A client testimonial
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"After the shoot was done, I felt utterly incredible. I really did feel beautiful and was already excited to see the outcome. However, when that feeling subsided, I started to panic. I thought I was going to see the images and hate them all. I worried how I was going to tell Debbie that I didn't like a single one. I remember shaking uncontrollably, but as I looked through the images, I burst into tears. Not a delicate one drop from the corner of my eye, I'm talking flood gates opened, mascara everywhere, snot-inducing kind of tears!


The images were gorgeous. And it was me I was looking at. I was gorgeous. I adored every single photo that Debbie had taken. I couldn't believe it. I loved what I looked like and I couldn't stop staring at me.


Debbie is an unbelievable photographer and if you ever get the chance to shoot with Emerald Photography then please take the opportunity, you will not regret it." - Kirsty

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"You've got this! You will feel so hyped up after and you are in control the entire time so just jump right in!" - Chloe
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“Trust Debbie. She knows you look good and she'll show you the beauty that other people see. Hell... she'll make you look even better than that!!! My boudoir shoot was a wonderful moment of connection with my body. It helped me to feel happy just the way I am."


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"Not Just Photographs"

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An Emerald Experience is for you if;

  •  You'd love to boost your confidence - not just for one day, but to feel the after-effects rippling through your life afterwards 

  • You'd appreciate a day of being pampered, dressing up, looking and feeling fabulous

  • You want something unique and fun to look forward to!

  • You need something that's just for 'you', that celebrates you as an individual

  • You want to be in a safe space, free from judgement, to discover what empowerment feels like for you​​

  • You're ready to push yourself out your comfort zone and grow by doing something nerve-wracking and vulnerable​

  • You're ready to start believing that you are worthy and you deserve to be documented exactly as you are

  • You'd love to create and own lifelong beautiful, unique and personal artwork ​​​​

  • You're ready to live life fully as you are right now

  • You'd like a one-on-one experience working with your very own personal hype-woman and trusted expert in Boudoir Photography

  • You want an experience where you leave feeling ready to take on the world (and want to do it all over again!)​  

Ready to have some fun?! Let's get started!


Let's get acquainted!

The first step of this adventure is for you to book your consultation with me. This will be done online via Zoom to give us a chance to meet and make sure we're a good fit for each other. It's super important you're comfortable with the person who might be seeing you naked!


Top tier preparation

After the consultation, you'll sign your contract and pay your Session Fee to lock in your date. In the run up to your session, I'll send you various helpful guides to help you fully prepare and get the most out of your experience. I'll also send a questionnaire which will help me to tailor the experience for you as much as possible.


The big day!

You'll be fully prepped on how to arrive so the experience goes smoothly. Professional hair and make-up will last around an hour and a half, then our photoshoot will last around two hours. I'll fully guide, direct and pose you through the session so all you need to do is relax and have fun!


Time to see the magic we created

You'll book your online Reveal & Ordering appointment around 10 days after your session.  Block some time out for yourself, make a coffee (or a cocktail!) and join me online where I'll present your edited gallery to you. I'll help you choose your favourite images and depending on which Collection you go for, we'll design your beautiful luxurious album, wall art or prints.

Your Own Personal Art Collection​


An Emerald experience is a luxurious celebration of yourself - it’s you saying to the universe that you believe you’re worthwhile investing in. As such, you deserve to have something beautiful and tangible to keep forever - your very own unique and personal artwork.


If you choose a Collection which includes digitals then you know I’ll absolutely encourage you to share these on your social media, or with a select lucky few people or to at least keep a private gallery on your phone for the days you need a quick confidence boost. But you deserve to exist in real life art that will last a lifetime; not just on a tiny phone-screen size gallery!


There’s nothing like glancing at your stunning wall art every day or seeing your album proudly sitting on your coffee or bedside table to regularly remind you that you’re amazing!


At your Reveal & Ordering appointment, we’ll go through your digital gallery together and I’ll help you narrow down your favourites so you have an album full of images or stunning wall art that you absolutely LOVE.


You’ll be provided with the full product menu after our consultation. I want you to start envisioning how you’re going to appreciate your very own artwork long before you arrive at your session!

Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Print
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Prints
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Folio Box
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Metal Wall Art
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Metal Wall Art
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Metal Wall Art
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Metal Wall Art
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Metal Wall Art
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
Emerald Photography Boudoir Product - Luxury Album
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Session Fee - £300

The Session Fee is paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable. It includes;

- The Photoshoot

- A beautiful location

- Complimentary professional Hair & Make-up styling on-site

- Preparation guides

- Direction and pose coaching

- 3 outfit changes & 1 nude/implied look

- Retouching of images

- Online reveal & ordering appointment

- An unforgettable experience!

Digital images and products are NOT included in the Session Fee, they are sold separately, products begin at £900. I understand experiences are an investment which is why I offer pre-payment plans to suit your budget. We can discuss at your consultation.

Still a little uncertain?

Don't worry, I've got you!


If you'd like more information before booking your consultation, don't hesitate to drop me a message at contact@emeraldphotography.co.uk and I'll be happy to chat. Or come and join us in The Emerald Lounge on Facebook where you'll get a feel for the vibe (and a bit of encouragement on body image mindset).

The most common fears and objections I hear;

"I'll book in once I've lost weight"; one, you are perfect as you are right now and you deserve to be documented exactly as you are. Two, let me tell you 'when I've lost xx amount of weight' almost never happens. Losing weight doesn't validate you or your worth, and I say this with tough love - how many more experiences in your life will you miss out on until you 'lose weight'? If you're saying this now I can practically guarantee you'll be saying the same thing in a year's time. You'll just have gone another year without this amazing experience! Stop putting your life on hold and start your journey to accept yourself as you are. You are worthy!

"It's too expensive for me"; this can be a lot of money for some people to invest, but look at it this way - it's a whole experience, and one that will not only give you great memories of feeling like an absolute badass, but the confidence you gain on the day and from knowing you did something so nerve-wracking (and smashed it!) will carry forward into all other areas of your life from that point forward. And any time you need a pick-me-up, you just need to look at your beautiful images and you'll be reminded of the amazing human you are.  Think of investing in this the way you think of holidays or treating yourself to a designer item. Pre-payment plans are also available.

"I'm no good in front of the camera, I hate having my photo taken"; have you looked through all the images on this website at all these beautiful souls? I'll tell you right now, that at least half of these amazing people said the same thing. You'd never know that though would you!? It's my job to fully direct and pose you all the way through your session. You'll also be given some 'homework' around body image mindset in the lead up to your session to get you feeling at least a wee bit more comfortable for the big day.

"I wish I could do it, but I'm too self-conscious about..."; I get it, I really do. When I went for my own Boudoir photography experience I was a bundle of nerves and was terrified that my photographer was going to judge all the bits I didn't love about myself (and downright hated at the time). But just like me, she had seen all sorts of bodies and made me feel really comfortable. And once I got going, I forgot about the size of my arms or how my tummy looked and just had fun. And I loved my photos! I promise that you will not be judged by me or the wonderful stylists who support me - we're all there to make you feel like the goddess that you are! I've photographed many, many people now and I've seen everything, literally nothing phases me - I have an appreciation of how uniquely beautiful each human being truly is. But if you're feeling so self-conscious that it's holding you back from this amazing experience, please get in touch with me to chat about it in confidence and I can support you on how to make you super comfortable on the day.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

Are you Ready?  Let's Do This!