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7 Outfit Ideas to wear at your Boudoir Photoshoot

7 Outfit Ideas to wear at your Boudoir Photoshoot - A woman posed at her Boudoir photoshoot

Congratulations on booking your Boudoir photoshoot! One of the many exciting parts is now to plan what you're going to wear. This article will get you started with 7 Boudoir photoshoot outfit ideas.

01 - Lingerie

The classic Boudoir choice! Bras, knickers, suspenders and stockings that come in every colour imaginable, from delicate lace to sheer and strappy.

*Emerald Photography recommendations for lingerie:

- fellow Scottish luxury independent brand Miss Vivienne Lingerie

- a range of lingerie brands in various sizing can be found at Playful Promises

02 - Robes

A luxurious and decadent choice, robes can be worn on their own with nothing underneath, or on top of a lingerie set in a complimentary colour to the robe.

*Emerald Photography recommendations for robes:

03 - Nudes

If you're feeing brave on the day of your Boudoir session, there's no better way to celebrate your body by having some sophisticated and tasteful nude images taken.

Note - you should always feel in control and comfortable at your Boudoir photoshoot. Even if you've told your Boudoir photographer ahead of time that you'd like nude images but change your mind on the day for any reason, this is 100% your decision which should be respected without question by your photographer.

04 - Bodysuits

Whether delicate lingerie or fuller coverage bodysuits, these outfits are always a winner.

05 - Body Jewellery

Body jewellery can add extra sparkle and glamour to an outfit or can be worn on it's own for extra decadent nude images.

*Emerald Photography recommendations for body jewellery:

- based in New Jersey, USA Tailored Body Jewelry creates beautiful pieces in ALL sizes

- fun and quirky UK independent brand Pearls & Swine

06 - Dresses

If you have a favourite dress that you love to swoosh or shimmy in, or it just makes you feel fabulous, take it along to your Boudoir session as one of your outfits.

07 - In the Sheets

A bedsheet can be an amazing 'outfit' and you can drape the material exactly where you want to be covered. A great way to capture nude images if you don't want to be fully nude.

Boudoir Outfit Handy Hints & Tips

  • Choose outfits that help you feel beautiful, confident and relaxed

  • It's worthwhile going for an in-person bra fitting before you start shopping

  • If something feels tight or is cutting in to your skin, size up so items fit smoothly

  • Equally, don't choose items that are too big as the material won't sit right and may look baggy or gape open

  • Try everything on at least a couple of times before your session so you know you'll be comfortable; move around, sit, stand and lie down and get used to how it feels

  • Take some selfies in your outfits so you get an idea of how they'll photograph

  • Consider the environment your Boudoir photoshoot will be held when choosing which outfit colours and aesthetics to go for

  • If you opt to have any items custom-made or are ordering items online, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to receive them, try them on, and exchange for a different size if necessary

  • Once you’ve tried everything on and are happy everything fits properly, remove all tags and care labels (these can spoil the look of garments if they're sticking out or if the material is sheer)

  • Many Boudoir photographers will be happy to chat with you about your styling and outfit choices so do reach out with any questions

Are you ready to plan for your own Emerald Photography Boudoir photoshoot? Book your online consultation at


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