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When to Book your Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot

Maternity Boudoir photoshoot image - blonde pregnant woman poses in a luxury location in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I love hearing from clients who are looking to document their pregnancy with a luxurious maternity Boudoir photoshoot. My advice is to book your date around the 7 to 8-month mark - this is when your bump is prominent enough to photograph well, but you won't feel too uncomfortable.

Charlotte's Maternity Boudoir Session

27 year-old Charlotte booked her maternity Boudoir photoshoot to have a fun experience whilst creating some lifelong beautiful memories of her pregnancy. This was her very first Boudoir experience.

Tell us a little about yourself and your relationship with your body

"I'm a recruitment consultant for international medical recruitment sending doctors to other countries. In my personal life I love aerial arts, dogs, reading, bouldering, law of attraction, cinema and anything 1950s-80s.

My body has changed so much; I always felt a bit overweight but not much, never really had stretch marks, ended up getting a fair few whilst pregnant and now my body is very different. I have off days but currently feel pretty at peace with it. I grew a human and just letting it do it’s thing!"

Maternity Boudoir photoshoot image - blonde pregnant woman poses in a luxury location in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

How would you sum up your Emerald Photography experience?

"I absolutely loved the entire experience I had with Emerald Photography, from the initial consultation right up to receiving my photo album. I’m so happy to have these photos capturing my pregnancy."

How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?

"So happy! I'd been nervous, and had expressed this to Debbie however I found the Body Image Mindset guide given beforehand really helpful!"

Maternity Boudoir photoshoot image - blonde pregnant woman poses in a luxury location in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Did you have any fears or nerves before the session? Would you have the same concerns now?

"Absolutely - I was scared my overuse of filters would make me hate the pictures or that the new stretch marks and spots would put me off. My photoshoot was a maternity shoot so overall was capturing a moment in my life that should be authentic. My stretch marks are barely noticeable in them, however even if they were they shouldn’t matter. My mindset has changed a fair bit! I’m trying to use filters a lot less too after following the Body Image Mindset guide provided."

What impact has your Boudoir experience had on you? Has it made any lasting changes in your life?

"Definitely proven to just go for things when you want to do them. I had wanted to do an Emerald Photography Boudoir shoot for maybe a couple of years but put it off. Then when I became pregnant, I got in touch to see about a maternity shoot. Days before it, I got stretch marks and panicked about possibly not liking the pictures but in the end, I am so happy I done it. I wish I had a pre-pregnancy one but I’m so pleased with the maternity keepsake I have. Also it was so lovely to meet Debbie and chat through ideas then the photoshoot itself was such a blast. I think my chats with Debbie about the use of filters has definitely prompted me to use these less and try to show a more ‘real’ side of myself to social media rather than join the problem!"

What were your favourite parts of your experience?

"The photoshoot itself - Debbie completely made me feel at ease and instructed me on poses whilst assuring me that I looked good. We had so much fun and it was such a good day."

Do you have a favourite photo?

"I love so many of them! All of them make me feel so happy and confident with myself."

What advice would you give to others who are considering booking their own Boudoir session and might be feeling nervous?

"Definitely just speak to Debbie about how you’re feeling and I absolutely recommend following the prep guides she'll send you."

What 3 words best sum up your Emerald Photography experience?

"Empowering, fun and confidence-boosting!"


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